Scott Harrell

Executive Chef

They say you can never go back home, but after building his résumé in Chicago, that's exactly what Scott Harrell did. A native of Madison, Scott now finds himself back where his passion was first kindled. "At an early age, I discovered my love of food through my mom," says Scott, who also loves teaching others the knowledge he worked long and hard to develop. "After graduating from culinary school, I worked my way up through several Madison restaurants, including Ocean Grill (a Food Fight restaurant)" says Scott. "Then I moved to Chicago, where I worked at Tru before moving on to the Hogsalt Hospitality Group, where I became executive chef at Maude's Liquor Bar." After Maude's, Scott assisted in opening two successful restaurants before leaving Chicago to move back to Madison to develop and lead the kitchens of two restaurants coming soon to the Food Fight portfolio: Everly and Miko Poke. Upon returning to work for Food Fight after 10 years away from the company, Scott appreciates the fact that Food Fight has grown in size but has kept its commitment to its employees the same. "I have the ability to be myself and work for a company that supports that," says Scott, who thrives on the pressure of the restaurant industry. "Being a chef allows me to use all of my creative energy. I take great pride in making others happy through food."