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    <h2>Welcome to Everly</h2>

    Welcome to Everly

    A gloriously casual, inviting, and neighborhood-friendly restaurant at the intersection of Monroe Street and Knickerbocker Street in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re a coffee and wine bar, lunch and dinner spot, and brunch powerhouse, taking place inside and outdoors, all at once. With lots of natural light from our large windows, high ceiling and a bar that sits under a 2-story glass structure, Everly is a sun-filled room for brunch, lunch or coffee, and a low-lit spot for dinner and drinks. There is a 35 seat covered outdoor seating area, the first and only large full-service outdoor seating area in the Monroe Street neighborhood.

    <h2>Casual, California-inspired cuisine</h2>

    Casual, California-inspired cuisine

    Simple food can be healthy, and healthy food can, and should, be delicious. Keeping recipes simple in preparation while maintaining flavor, nutrition and value is an art. While we believe that serving local, seasonal items, simply prepared is our objective, it doesn’t mean you have to be a health nut to eat at Everly. We’re not preachy! In the end we’re serving delicious food that’s also good for you. No-- that’s not an oxymoron anymore. Health food restaurants can be boring, and that’s not us. Chef Scott Harrell is at the helm of the kitchen, and he has cooked at some of the finest establishments in Chicago, including Michelin star winning Tru, Gilt Bar, Maude’s Liquor Bar, and two successful new restaurants, Pub Royale and Bar Marta. Attuned to what Madison diners are craving, we’re bacon-serving and vegan-friendly. Our market-forward style means we’re dedicated to lots of vegetables, grains, and eggs, fresh seafood, and high-quality, locally or regionally sourced meat. In a lot of the dishes, vegetables and grains take on more of the starring role. What we offer may sometimes be unfamiliar, but once you try it we’ll win you over. Other times we’ll take familiar dishes and update them with fresher flavors and healthier ingredients. It’s a win-win, really.

    <h2>West Coast-Crafted Wine & Beer </h2>

    West Coast-Crafted Wine & Beer

    We serve wines made with care by small, independent California producers; they’re as unique as the individuals who make them. They capture the essence of a specific place, in a specific year. When we select wines for our list, we want to know how they are made, how and where the grapes are grown, and the stories that they represent. We price all of our wines so that (hopefully) more people will try them, because it’s cool to support the growers and winemakers who are making delicious, unapologetic California wines. Our beer list also features our favorite West Coast breweries, like Anderson Valley Brewing, Almanac Beer Co, Green Flash, Stone Brewing, and Anchor Brewing to name a few.